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!! OMG, Goes to the Swingpark Yoda does: French Bulldog in a swiiiiing !!

Goes to the Swingpark Yoda does: French Bulldog in a swiiiiing [jezebel]

Madge Doesn't like Fags: Madonna gets stroppy in the rain [dlisted]

Incr-Edible, Gingerbread Downton Abbey[towleroad]

Oh His Holi-mess: Pope denounces gays in Chrimbo Speech [queerty]

Harry Port-ter: Daniel Radcliffe's friends want him rehab-ed [celebitchy]

Romeo-my-gawd: Romeo Beckham for Burberry [ohlala]

CelebrityCafe's Top 10 Christmas Animations [celebcafe]

Lyndsay shitted on it: Lohan broke her trailer cistern [popbytes]

New Trailer for 'The Great Gatsby' [socialitelife]

BAm! Chris Pratt's Stacked [kenneth]

Russell Brand interviews Westboro Baptist Church, eeeuuuup!!! [evilbeet]

9 Camp-As-Christmas Songs [afterelton]

LeAnne's Rimes-n-reasons; the ongoing bloody boring stupid facebook twitter blog pintrest instagram aol msn chatroom blahblahlbah boring stupid, stupid boring saga [amy]

'Gangnam Style' is the Anti-Christ, numerologicaly speaking...obv [joemygod]

12 year old kid punk'd police [tabloidprodigy]

'Pain And Gain' trailer [theblemish]

Down the Hatch: this douche drinks a gallon of Olive Oil...mmmm...oily douche [doubleviking]

OMG, "F_ck that Bitch Brandi": Kim Richards' [as LeAnn Rimes] Holiday Survival Guide
OMG, Kim Kar-Krash-Ian's PUSSY shrivelled up and died: RIP Meoowrcy
OMG, Golden Globe Nominations? Whatever: Here's Lil' Kim's Golden Globes
OMG, Martha gets the turkey lurkey: Salmonella Supriiiiiise!
OMG, LABRADORABLE: Cuddle Puddle Struggle Wuggle

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, December 21, 2012
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omg that's hilarious

» posted by JiggyBox | December 21, 2012 10:15 PM

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