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!! OMG, Golden Globe Nominations? Whatever: Here’s Lil’ Kim’s Golden Globes !!

OMG, Golden Globe Nominations?, Whatever. Here’s Lil’ Kim’s Golden Globes [evilbeet]
Just a Waving Beaver [dlisted]
Pope Bene-Dick-head blesses ‘Kill The Gays’ Parliamentarian. Ewwwurgh! [towleroad]
…but that’s okrrr, because their bill is taking aaaages [queerty]
Spruce! Bruce is cutting Loose: Bruce Jenner’s moving out [celebitchy]
Pedro Aboud is hot in the shade [ohlala]
Liar Liar, Lindsay’s pants are on fire [celebritycafe]
Ellie Golding’s Golden Performance [arjan]
Jessie Wares NEW VIDEO “Sweet” [popbytes]
Don’t Tell, Don’t Tell; Gay Spouse Denied membership to military spouse club. News to me, I thought ‘Military Spouse Club’ was a midweek homo party on the Upper East Side. [jezebel]
Jared Leto’s painted nails make him look even more like Aimee Mann [socialitelife]
Vince Vance and the Valiants “All I Want for Christmas Is You” [kenneth]
Amanda Seyfried looks glamazing when she’s drunk. I look like shite when I’m sober. I want that dress [amy]
“TwiddlytwiddlyTweet”: “Even More Shit Liza Minnelli Says” [afterelton]
MNDR ‘Feed Me Diamonds’ Highly Featuring RAVEN [joemygod]
I want Bieber’s balls on a plate [tabloidprodigy]
What do you mean someone threw a rock at Liam Hemsworth? I’ll bloody smack them [blemish]
Treehouses that look like Hobbiton-in-dem-trees [doubleviking]

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    The style of these posts is becoming seriously painful to have to read. It’s like we are all in some insane, gay day care center.

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