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!! OMG, Heavenly Hamburgler: TRUST's new video 'Heaven' !!

Ok, stop stuffing your turkey hole and suckling yule juice from a tankard.

You may remember a couple of weeks back THIS little old lady arrived in the post, and with [C]her she brought THIS wee video.
Above you can watch TRUST's new video for 'Heaven', also directed by Petra Collins.
It features Robert Alfons as the Hamburglar [I think].
He begins by mixing up a big batch of tranimal juice, then there's a power outage in burger joint. Once the first light of morn sparkles, Robert pops off on his break to go for a walk, but then he slips off bridge as he still has burger juice on the bottom of his feet. I know this sounds tragic in written form but it's beautifully done.
This is my favourite song off the album, as it never fails to make me feel all mushy wushy squidgy widgey.

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, December 26, 2012
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