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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s nakers: Milan Švenger !!

Goal keeper indeed. Czech Goalkeeper Milan Švenger is known for never dropping the ball, which is why he’s holding on so tight to his own in this dirty cellphone pic from last Saturday Night.
Nobody from the team is commenting on the photo. So I will:

“it’s hot”

Jump down below to see his NSFW handful [just a smidge of BALLBAG], and the cellphone screenshot.

Poor girl only had 4% battery left so probably ran out of juice before she could tell him to move his big goalkeeping hands away from derr to give her a proper look at the goal.
[Thanks to Bob!]

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    Everything is all shaved. Boo Hiss.

    THAT’S suppose to be sexy? NOT!

    shaved pubes = no
    body disfigurement = no

    Really……Why waste space…..I can see more from my neighbor who is straight!

    No, no that is not hot. Even a photo in undies would have shown more hint of something than smooshing it with a hand, and been hotter. Also as Meowzer said, shaved crotch and even shaved legs it appears… gross.

    Didn’t know goalies needed to shave their pubes…

    Maybe I’m just a dick connoisseur but I’ll take shaved or unshaved, cut or uncut. As long as it looks good, I’m there. I don’t need a checklist to tell me what looks good. And this, in my opinion, looks good. Although wish he’d show a bit more.

    Seriously what is up with all the no shave campaigns? Personally I’d rather see this than some gross jungle from the 70’s down there.

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