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!! OMG, He’s talking to you: BASIC BITCHESESES !!

Oh my my my.
Watch out basic bitches [Lindsay] Lohanthony is calling you. He has a secret message for you, it’s time for an announcement.
Listen UP!
Also click below to see Lohanthony’s video on which celebrities he loves and hates

I love his power puff legs tutorial and I super adore his final look at 5.30 a sort of high-waisted big belted mom-jeans skin-tight Sade-esque 3/4 sleeve cherry-crush top look ?!




    I can’t stand this kid for 2 reasons. 1. he reminds me of every basic bitch in weho. 2. he makes me feel so old.

    Has this kid even hit puberty yet?

    quite annoying, no? The school picture maybe the best she’s ever looked.

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