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!! OMG, It’s like telling an 8-year old that Batman is his uncle: ‘Laurence Anyways’ US Trailer !!

The Moderat-scored American trailer for Xavier I Killed My MotherDolan’s third full-length film is breathtaking.
Laurence Anyways follows a straight male teacher who gradually comes out to his students, co-workers, fiancée and mother as transgendered. I gipped in my throat when I watched him walk down the school hallway in his kitten healed, trans look…very empowering.
The hamazing news is Gus Van Sant has decided to back this one as an executive producer, in order to bring the French-Canadian piece to a wider American audience; which suits Dolan JUST FINE:

“One of the first encounters I had with a more sophisticated cinema was My Own Private Idaho…It was the first time I had a sense of what cinema could be or should be made of: Freedom, honesty and intimacy. For me to be endorsed by Gus Van Sant is like telling an 8-year old that Batman is his uncle.”

[via queerty]

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