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!! OMG, LABRADORABLE: Cuddle Puddle Struggle Wuggle !!

OMG, LABRADORABLE: Cuddle Puddle Struggle Wuggle [jezebel]

Jay-Z leaves his sister on the subway [dlisted]

Suck on his Mistletoes: Tom Daley as Sexy Santass [towleroad]

Jean Paul Go-to-it: Gaultier Exhibition visits Brooklyn Museum [queerty]

Gwyneth Paltrow fills her mouth with Goop [celebitchy]

UPDATE, They Sold Out: Warwick Uni Rowing Calendar [ohlala]

Holiday gifts you gots to buy right MEOW! [celebcafe]

Frankmusik: 'Shores' [arjan]

Blohan get's job offer from strip club [popbytes]

Gaga gets her head stuck in a bird cage [socialitelife]

Firemen saving kitties! [kenneth]

Bieber's Boner...Ew, no wait, what is that thing round your neck, err, gross [evilbeet]

Kylie on 'P R A' [afterelton]

Amanda Seyfried is a Rapper Froggie [amygrindhouse via starcrush]

Anonymouses squeek up against Westboro Baptist Church [joemygod]

Kate Upton gets squirted on, atop an inflatable swan [obv] for VogueGermany [theblemish]

Pee-wee Her-bat-man: Pee-wee dubs the 'Dark Knight' [doubleviking via taco]

OMG, Rubber Duckie in a Big ol' British Bath
OMG, Goes to the Swingpark Yoda does: French Bulldog in a swiiiiing
OMG, Martha gets the turkey lurkey: Salmonella Supriiiiiise!
OMG, A very Kartrashian Khristmess
OMG, pipe down Mr: Pee-Wee interviews Alex Jones

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, December 17, 2012
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