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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, OLALALA: Ola Rapace’s peener !!

Swedish Actor Ola Rapace recently appeared in ‘007: Skyfall’…but I don’t remember this peener falling out. Click below to see a pic of him buffing up his TATS, some NSFW patterned-sweater-bush-combo-shots, and what I like to call “H-Ola in One” [you’ll see].

Click on the images to expand his Swedish meatballs:
[via justadream]

(Click for more nude male celebs)




    Does anyone know what film that last pic is from. The top pics are from a great Swedish movie called Together, where Ola is seduces by a gay housemate. Super hot!

    Wow, this guy is PERFECT. I wonder how tall he is…

    that is one nasty looking penis.
    …nice asshole tho.


    The final photo is from the TV mini-series “Stockholm Bastad” and Ola isn’t the only guy who appears nude.

    I think the last one’s from a mini-series called “Stockholm – Båstad”

    Very nice. I like boys with hair down there!

    He’s hot and nasty looking.

    That is a beautiful, natural cock; not hacked-off and butchered. Get over it!!! It is time to stop the barbaric custom of circumcision. If we were hacking off a piece of a baby girls body, all hell would break loose but it’s okay to do it to a baby boy? That is so fucked-up!

    Bob, you of the “circumcised penises are ‘hacked off and butchered’ and ‘barbaric'” mentality are just as unpalatable and off your rockers as the guys who complain relentlessly about how disgusting and ugly uncircumcised penises are.
    Also, female genital mutilation has far-reaching consequences for the girls involved that are incomparably worse. You clearly know nothing of medical science.
    I do me, you do you. If you like uncut, go for it. If you like cut, go for it. Please stop forcing your own opinions on other people and get a life.

    What Bob is trying to say is no matter your views on cut or intact the circumcised penis represents one truth(98% of the time). Forced genital cutting. Forced not chosen. You don’t have to be unhappy with your status to understand that something so violent as forcing a person, to young to protest besides screaming and crying, to be strapped to a table while another person rips and tears away the most sensitive human organ, is wrong. Regardless if gender FORCED genital cutting is a very wrong. “If the only way for something to continue to be practiced is to force it upon the youngest, most helpless members of a society, maybe just maybe it’s wrong!”

    HG, I will not lower myself to name calling, but for people to react so negatively to a naturally uncircumsized penis, as so many American’s do when one is displayed, is crazy. The foreskin was put there for a reason and if the yes ‘barbaric practice’ was never done, as it is rarely done in most of the world, there would not be these negative comments made to make uncut guys feel bad about themselves. If you like a cut dick that’s fine but people need to stop with these cruel comments everytime an uncut dick is pictured.

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