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!! OMG, Poodle Pumps: Jeremy Scott X Adidas !!


So the world didn't end...oops. Ach well, you bought some fierth glow-in-the-dark accessories and shat on that girls head, so not so bad really. What better way to celebrate than to pop your pieds in a pair of poodle pumps. These fun-faux-fur friends have a tail and everything, and they [obv] are wearing Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow sunglasses [of course they are], which i'm sure you could tear off and give to your 'small friend' who can never find shades that fit his tiny wee head.

I would like a version of these that are like the pump-up pumps from the 80s but instead of an air pump the pump is a squeaky poodle head dog toy...SQUEAK!

[via hypebeast]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, December 21, 2012
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