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!! OMG, 'Sent from the Alien Place': Geo Wyeth !!


Former Mac Genius, formerly a woman, Geo Wyeth is a biracial transsexual performance artist and musician who explores the body and its acceptance of -- and alienation from -- externals such as technology, gender perspectives, musical and mundane sounds and macaroni cheese.

"There was this moment a while ago when I lost my godmother, who was very dear to me, and I started sending her e-mails because I really missed her; they didn't bounce back. The Internet is this weird landscape that is so intangible. Like, what is actually happening really? Where is this going right now? It is still weird for me even though I worked at the Apple store."

[via GayVoices]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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