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!! OMG, She's Paranoid: Michael Venus' 'Supa Stition' !!

What with the apocalypse pending and all that, you should all be ready, and this video has some great ideas for apocalypse wardrobe options...I mean you don't want to be caught out in a meteor shower wearing LuluLemon and Ugg-Croggs [if you do, I hope you get pelted with burning rocks and your flammable UGGCROGG bread-loaf booties catch light and you become engulfed in stretch-fabric-boot-cut flames]. Just say'n.

'Supa Stition' is part of Michael's 'SUPA 8' series. You may recognise PUSSY WILLOW twiddling her pheromones theremin, from earlier in the week; as -Michael's drag sister- COTTON VENUS and her Vancouverite HOUSE OF VENUS gals adopt some Supa Paranoid Supa Fierth Apocalypso head-to-toes:

marble zantai
lampshade headdress
s&m shania
and my person Cotton look to close...shear shower curtain Enya chic.


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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Thursday, December 20, 2012
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