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!! OMG, Yoko Ono!-i-can-see-your-bum-sir !!


Yoko has been getting a lot of criticism for her new line of Fashions for Men for Opening Ceremony, entitled 1969-2012 released last week. I happen to think she's just having fun and agree with her intention behind the clothing line:

"I really felt that it was time [to] have an equal stage [for] men and women and...that men should go [a] step further from the tie and the suit...situation"

Agreed. I'd love to see those Wall Street fellas with the botty-less pants on and their nipples hanging out. Click below to see Yoko's collection, and the animation based on the original 1969 drawings that inspired the collection.

Cutsiecle floppy-haired model also, who I'd love to put in all the hand print numbers and then play this game where I "just check" whether my hand is the same size as the crotch-hand-silhouette on the pants. "I just have to check again"






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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, December 4, 2012
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