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!! OMG,Designer for your Rear-Vagina: Smile Makers by Ramblin' Brands !!


These Vibrators designed by Ramblin' Brands are based on stereotypical female [gay male] fantasy characters; the first four in the range are:

the fireman
the frenchman
the tennis coach
the millionaire

...and there's more to come..."gotta catch 'em aaaall, pokém[on your gine]'.
I guess these guys are straight and aimed at front-bums but you never know if one of them gets drunk you might convince them to play with your back-bum.

Jab your old, crusty non-character vibrator below to meet these fellas. I can only imagine the next set of characters to come out...the ex-boyfriend, the meth-head, that guy who creeps you out at work, some fella who once popped his thumb in at that club. So many character/shape possibilities.






You can buy these guys HERE

Also check out their FANTASY MAN GENERATOR

[via dezeen]

(Click for more nude male celebs)

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, December 18, 2012
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