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!! OMG, I’m totally going Orthocox: Orthodox Calendar !!

Erm, I don’t remember my High School Religious Education looking anything like this. My teacher was a zany Welsh cat-lady who looked like Zandra Rhodes, who would collapse in her chair at least once every lesson to huff what she called ‘sniffing salts’ [could have possibly been poppers].
These Romanian Orthodox Priests have decided to make a calendar for 2013 which will likely bring shite-loads of people to church, much like ‘Sister Act’ but using cock, not community outreach and crumping double-dutch lessons.
Click below to see a few photos from the calendar, and a link for purchasing it before the Welsh popper-huffing cat-lady buys the entire HOLY STASH.

Purchase your Romanian Orthodox 2013 Calendar HERE
[via homorazzi]

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    Thanks guys for covering our launching.
    Lots of LOVE from Bucharest, ROMANIA
    Assistant PR

    Those men should be in the dating pool as opposed to some of the available options?

    fabulous I am flying now to Romania
    to meet an orthodox sexy stud

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