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!! OMG, a whole hour of girl power: Viva Forever! !!

Speaking of SPICE:

Melanie C's YouTube Fan Account has shoved up this hour-long Spice Girls documentary, which was aired in the UK before Christmas, but we didn't notice as we were too busy digesting our Turkey holes from Thanksgiving, and prepping our Yuletide Turkey holes for Chrimbo also.

To promote their new musical 'Viva Forever', there's new interviews with all of the old footage of them screaming and dressed like BABIES and SKANK-WHORES and whatnot, hanging off the top of buses and generally causing MAYHEM and PANDEMONIUM.

It's no Spiceworld The Movie, [let's face it what is?] but it does have Spanish subtitles, just in case you forgot that the word 'Viva' was stolen by VB from the Spanish back in 1998.

[via tabloidprodigy]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Thursday, January 10, 2013
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