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!! OMG, Alicia Queens: Detox, Vicky Vox & Willam; ‘Boy is a Bottom’ !!

Did you know that the Latin for sloppy bottom was “slopabottumus”…no, me neither.
This bunch of key-queens sound great, kind of like En Vogue used to.

“I heard one time he had a gown”

…a ‘gown’? I can only imagine what this is…kind of like when your grandma asks if you can straighten out the ‘skirt’ on the bottom of her SATINESQUE PLEATED SOFA COVER.
Speaking of satin, I’m hoping these skin-tone-synthetic-cinched angels are waiting for me at the pearly gates of the pink sock shop. It’s likely NSFW, unless you work at the PINK SOCK SHOP.

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