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!! OMG, Cher-ing is caring: Cher 'Woman's World' !!

And from one drag queen to another: Frank played me this on Saturday, and before the end of the song I was already singing the chorus from the depths of my tonsils, cos I'm imagining this is where Cher gets that sound from; she has a hole in her TONSIL DANGLERS where the sound comes out.
It's like a combination of Beyonce's 'Girls...' and Whitney's 'Million Dollar Bill''s just CHER-FECT.

I read on that Ray Kay ['Poker Face'/''Till the World Ends'] is currently working on the video, featuring his squirlfriend Cathrine Haave who had this to say on the video:

"This will be an artistic video, which has a very positive and universal message. Fine details need to be kept secret, so I can not say much more than that"

Erm Catherine?! CHER-ING IS that all you have to say on it ?

OMG, do you believe in life after Killa Beez? Cher to appear on new Wu-Tang album
OMG, sing it: Cher to get her Gaga on
OMG, is it October yet? Cher's Gaga duet just months away
OMG, Twitter battle: Cher sounds off on Mitt Romney
OMG, Cher, did you drink all that Booze?

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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Haven't we heard this before?
I could swear I've heard this before.
Or am I experiencing deja vu . . . or rather, deja entendu?

» posted by poindexter | January 29, 2013 10:49 PM

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