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!! OMG, “Chunky yet Funky”: Big Dogs !!

It could easily be titled: ’21 Dogs Who Don’t Realize How DOG They Are’, as some of these fellas I think believe they are the brothers, husbands and big gay oafy friends of their owners.
Buzzfeed, the Beethoven of online compilation lists, has lumped together their ’21 Dogs Who Don’t Realize How Big They Are’ list which includes:
humanoid doggie huggles
babysitter dogs
the biggest floor-mop ever
one that I call ‘doggie style’
and a Chihuahua horse…dog…thing

“Chunky yet funky, large and in charge”

OK, I’m off to watch ‘Beethoven’…and ‘Beethoven’s 2nd’…and ‘Beethoven’s 3rd’…and 4th…and 5th…and of course…Beethoven’s Big Break!
[Thanks Bear!]

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