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!! OMG, Father of the Brides: Chanel’s haute couture lesbians !!

On Tuesday, less than 24 hours after the president’s call for equality, Karl Lagerfeld sent models Lindsey Wixon and Cara Delevigne Kati Nescher and Ashleigh Good [along with his godson Francois Hollande] down Chanel’s PFW Runway in matching wedding gowns.
It is traditional for Couturiers to complete their show by sending a wedding gown down the catwalk, so Lagerfeld’s gesture was an obvious nod towards marriage equality at a time of large Catholic protests calling for a referendum on the same-sex marriage bill that the French government has promised to its citizens.
When asked about such contention, Lagerfeld suggested:

“People who consider marriage a sacred religious union can continue that tradition in their churches, temples, synagogues and mosques, but all religions should tolerate gay marriage.”

[via The Guardian]

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    Thanks verve88,
    I’ve corrected this
    Thanks for the tip
    Jolly good show!

    Sorry for the correction but this is NOT Lindsey Wixson and Cara Delvigne?!
    Its Kati Nescher and Ashleigh Good
    Source: I worked on the show

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