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!! OMG, he’s playing with his wand: Neville Longbottom !!

Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom [from Harry Potter if you’re not a Potter-Spotter] was so bad at spells in the first year of school that he went home and practiced casting “cum-u-lous-jizz-i-fuss” spells all summer long.
Practice makes perfect.
Click below to see his NSFW Long-bottom…his front-long-bottom..:

matthew lewis_34zznef.jpg
[via wwmen]

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    Oh ladies….such a tizzy over how up to date your celebrity porn is. It only looks somewhat like the star and is not actually him….the horror!! Whatever will you do?

    Seriously? Was this even worth posting?

    Not even vaguely real.

    Apparently this is not Mathew Lewis it is another guy this is old news as it is only a look a like

    Not him. And the video is pretty old.

    I am suspicious. Matthew is *hawt*. The naked guy has like the fugliest face ever.

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