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!! OMG, he’s Shameless: Cameron Monaghan’s botty !!

I hope Cameron Monaghan never tries to dye his hair blonde again; he is a blooming hot-as-hell yummy ginger and I would love to fall face-first in his Auburnt-bush! Own your ginger like you are owning that guy in ‘mongst the scaffolding on ‘Shameless’
Jump down derr to see him popping his carrot tip in a Chinese-American soldier guy
Flipping shameless!

Click on the images to make his botty bigger and better:
[Thanks always to CB!]

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    Season 03 Episode 02

    What Episode is this from?? Does anyone have a link to the episode or a link to the clip????!

    So HOT! 😉


    I saw this episode, last night, and i never miss the show…love it! Yeah, he’s surely becoming a very hot young man. I love his ass and i’d work him over like a BBQ’d rib. 😉

    I’ve got the clip on my blog: see it at http://www.drabboiz2.com/

    Mmmmm so yummy! I loved that episode of shameless, loved seeing his perfect booty! Hope he never dies his hair, love his ginger sexiness!

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