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!! OMG, HOW BITTER: Carrie Fisher, "Dear Princess Leia" !!


Writer and Actress by day, bagel-headed bedsheet-wearing gun-wielding princess by night; Carrie Fisher has had enough of that bitch Leia and all the fan-mail and adoration she gets whilst Carrie continues to get "bloated and evil with age". So she decided to write her a snail-mail to -erm- VENT A LITTLE about her "post-galactic stress disorder":

"fending off water-retention, weight, and wrinkles in the same way you fight for the glory of whatever the f*ck all that was about--a universe glowing with peace and fairness, Ewoks cavorting in their force-filled fields?"

Read the whole penpal-chainmail-galactic-complainathon HERE.

Shit Miss Fisher, don't let that CRUSTY-BAGEL-HOE get CHU[baka] down!

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, January 8, 2013
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