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!! OMG, how optimistic: Damiana Garcia interviews psychic JoJo Savard !!

Preeminent psychic and all around magickal persyn JoJo Savard gives lady reporter Damiana Garcia a glowing reading for 2013, and if she’s to be believed (which obvs she is), then it’s going to be a great year for the rest of us too!
If you haven’t already visited JoJo’s insane home page, I urge you to do that after you watch the video.

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    Hi Charlie, thanks for your comment! We’re big fans of Damiana creator Michael Lucid’s work and have been publishing his videos for years. Sorry you don’t love him as much as we do! xo Frank

    Recently there’s more clutter on and posts to skip on OMG then posts to actually OMG about and want to stop and read. :/ These pointless wannabe youtube sensations are a bore.

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