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!! OMG, “I thought I had too much bacon…but I realized his head would need much more”: Kevin Bacon’s Bacon Pork-trait !!

bacon kevin .jpg
OMG, Kevin Bacon’s Bacon Porktrait [socialite]
Tatum’s tatters: Channing Tanning [dlisted]
People totally H8 Westborough Baptist Church: The White House Petition [towleroad via huffpost]
Ryan Gosling’s Abominable Abdominals [popbytes]
Foxy new Fox Models Exhibit [ohlala]
Rock Paper Scissors: Jake Shears working with Queens Of The Stone Age [queerty]
Cat Burglers: Kitten’s Big Escape [jezebel]
Anouk: ‘Stardust’ [arjanwrites]
Fabulous Faeries of the Steambath [kenneth]
The Headlines they Hope to Write in 2013 [evilbeet]
Happy Shoe Year: Drag Queen Sushi Heels in the New Year [joemygod]
Kim’s got a Brown Bun in the Oven. Also she looks glamazing in this photo. I hope her maternity looks are all like this [amygrindhouse]
R.I.Peepee: the Gay TV Character’s we lost this year [afterelton]
CelebrityCafe’s Top 10 Celeb Couples of the last year [celebcafe]
Jessica Simpson’s Pregnant Mirror Self Portraits indicate she may be having Contractions already [her pout is dilated like loads] [celebitchy]
Gaga driving the Depression Bus [tabloidprodigy]
Brad is buying sex tapes of his Wife [blemish]
Simon Amstell watches unethical porn and talks to his cat [doubleviking]

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