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!! OMG, Ici-cool: record made of ice !!


Swedish band Shout Out Louds recently released the first song off their new album. It's called 'Blue Ice', so obviously it follows logic that the record is made of...well ICE...durrrr.

The band were looking to produce a limited edition of the record [10 ice record kits were produced] that reflected the transient content of the song, and what is more exclusive than hearing a record that disintegrates and short-fuses your living room?

But really, this is sensational. I'd feel really special having this in my IGLOO HOUSE-WARMING PARTY!

Click below to see the 'making of video', and the official music video for the song; also beautifilled.

[via fastcode]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, January 21, 2013
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