!! OMG, Italian Rugger Bugger Tugger: Mirco Bergamasco !!

Rugby playing Italian Stallion Mirco Bergamasco is a shaggy goddess.
His ass is ASSnormous and his beard makes him look like a DEMI-SEX-GOD!

Click down-derr to see him with his kit off, in the change-room, in a sort of Italian palatial suite-place, in them natures next to trees, and on a shiny bar top.

He needn’t bother getting dressed really, may as well leave his soppressata just hanging out, all proud and whatnot!

Click to make him Bigger-masco:
Mirco Bergamasco.jpg
[via wwmen]

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2 Comments on "OMG, Italian Rugger Bugger Tugger: Mirco Bergamasco"

  1. YES SIR!!

  2. Yes, I would, yes, I would. Give his ass the business!!

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