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!! OMG, Kanye took that Kelly Rolland/Jlo diamante-lip look a bit too far: he bejizzled all over his head !!


OMG, Kanye took that Kelly Rolland/Jlo diamante-lip look a bit too far: he BEJIZZLED all over his head [the blemish]

Unchained: Django interviews [dlisted]

Kathy Griffin is so unapologetic about the Anderson Cooper peen-suckling GAG [towleroad]

'Kill the Gays" supporter tried for Crimes Against Maneties Humanity [queerty]

Pap killed whilst snapping Beiber on his tricycle...I mean Ferrari [celebitchy]

Crème brûlée: Lagerfeld's Metiers d'Art collection in Vanity Fair [ohlala]

Patti Page: she dead [celebcafe]

So if you get an invite to Patti's funeral, Manilla's smokey-eye tutorial should ensure you look fierth when SOBBING YOUR ASS OFF [popbytes]

Salvat over this: Josef Salvat 'This Life' [arjan]

This guy is giving e-ve-ry-one the HAIRY EYEBALL [lirrerrerrly]! [jezebel]

Anderson Bird Pooper: Mr Cooper slops bird shite on his face...some queens will do ANYTHING to look younger [socialitelife]

Tammie Brown Tammy Baldwin: first openly gay U.S. Senator sworn in. This is amazing, but I do wish it was Tammie Brown though [kenneth]

Oh Gloria, get off the floor girl!: Sofia Vergara socks some punches and then her CHESTY PUNCHING SOCKS flopped out! [evilbeet]

Some SAFE outfit choices for Pride 2013 [afterelton via buzzfeed]

Cyruyussly Hannah Montana! another puppy?: Miley's "little 'Bean' burrito" barker [amygrindhouse via toofab]

Jew better social netWORK!: Jewish Grindr [joemygod]

Britney is twerking on her NEW ALBUM [tabloidprodigy]

"I PAWmiss, this year I'm gonna do it": Kittie's New Year's Resolutions [doubleviking]

OMG, "Everyone has been doing emails": Britney explains 'E-mail My Heart'
OMG, FLOORLESS: TV Show-home floor plans
OMG, Björn this way: Harry Goodwins for Björn Borg undies
OMG, flipping grandma-zing!: 90 year old woman does back flips
OMG, "I phoned a phone": Anne Hathaway selling landlines

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, January 4, 2013
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