!! OMG, OINK!: the NASTY PIG litter !!

New York-based knicker company Nasty Pig sent a call out over the Winter for any NASTY PIGLETS who wanted to come make a wee NSFW video of them sporting the Nasty Pig product over their curly tails.
Jump down below to see the boys who answered the call…squeeeeeEEEEEE!






I don’t get it. Who was supposed to be the runt of that litter?!

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2 Comments on "OMG, OINK!: the NASTY PIG litter"

  1. If you’re in NYC take a trip to their store on W 19th (near G). It’s a living stereotype circus – hyper-sexualized nelly queens in macho drag sporting overly manicured stubble.

  2. Whateves!!

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