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!! OMG, “stay away from the biiiitches”: Frankie MacDonald’s weather warning! !!

If Frankie had done a warning for the Mayan Apocalypse, maybe I would have taken the whole thing more seriously and been better prepared and not “wait[ed] for the last minute to order [my] pizzas and order [my] chinese food”

For all you Newfie Drag Queens from St.John’s, Newfoundland, Frankie is warning you, so you have no excuse if you venture outside and your weave catches a gust and ends up in the Atlantic Drift.
Who knows, maybe in years to come they’ll find your weave in a famous deep sea adventure dig and shove that SANDY SALTY CRIMPED-FRO-DO in a museum and have an exhibition called ‘Deep-Sea Muff-Divers…What The Catfish Dragged In’!
[Thanks Bear!]

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