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!! OMG, 'The Other Tyra' gets Spiritualized: 'Hey Jane' !!

I can't wait to see Björn Flóki's film 'Drag Dad' when it finally comes out. It follows Season Twru winner Tyra Sanchez out-of-drag as James William Ross IV and the story of his son Jeremiah.

Tyra plays a drag dad in 2012's 'Hey Jane' video by 90s space-rock band Spiritualized. His son Jeremiah also features in the video. Forget Kickstarter videos, this one's a kick-ender, maybe wait until you've sashayed away from work to watch this.

Sanchez' performance is really glamazingly realistic as she gets herself in quite the SHEmergency.


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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, January 28, 2013
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