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!! OMG, you've got to be kidding me: Five people shot at Gun Appreciation Day !? SUPER DUPER FAIL !!


OMG, you've got to be kidding me: Five people shot at Gun Appreciation Day !? F A I L [joemygod]

Under~water~bed [dlisted]

What a fiasco: Lupe Fiasco chucked off stage for anti-Obama lyrics at inauguration party. Oopsie! [towelroad]

Protests over Julie Burchill's Transphobic Column [queerty]

Khloé likes to stick craft-stars oh her head, and she's done with diets [celebitchy]

CelebrityCafe's top 10 Valentines desserts [celebcafe]

Ellie Goulding's BETABLOCK3R remix [arjan]

"We'll do that for f_cking Julia Roberts, but not you": Deen on Lohan's sex-scene debacles [popbytes]

Walter Falter: Barbara Walters hospitalised [jezebel]

Selena cries a river [socialitelife]

Betty White Rules the World ! I know right ?! [kenneth]

Jennifer and Casper's new puppy-pal [evilbeet]

Dolly's greatest moments ?! [afterelton]

Plastic Wife keeps her labia in a plastic jar [amy grindhouse via drunkenstepfather]

Django unshelved: Django toys cause controversy [tabloidprodigy]

Very well Harriwell: Geri Halliwell sings with her tatters hanging out [theblemish]

I lost my crab, have you seen him? Lost Pet signs [doubleviking]

OMG, leaky hose: Hi Fashion's 'EIGHTEEN'
OMG, Squoink!...olympig gold medal: Tom Daly's pet piglet
OMG, Justice Joslin for 'Man of the World'
OMG, a-Dior-able: Dior Homme's 'Underpass'
OMG, BRING BACK MY GIYRLS: 'Most Popular Girls of 'Drag Race''

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, January 21, 2013
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