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!! OMG,Sneaky Boys: Sneaker Slaves !!

A lady-pal of mine once turned up at a party and claimed some fella in the middle of the street had just asked her if he could lick the soul of her boot, and the dirty bitch obliged…of course she did.
It’s something I’ve never tried but have often watched. Maybe I should just try it out, although I could see me getting a little too -erm- creative; deep-throating the laces, licking the Nike Swoosh from base-to-tip, rimming myself with the sneaker-tongue [trainer tongue punches].
My online avatar would be ‘SneakerTweaker1985@aol.com’.
Tap your lace-end below to read graphic Design Duo Pinar & Viola’s interpretation of Sneaker Slave Culture.
[via dazed]




    and he seems to be enjoying. Good lick to you!

    Oh god I hope that is a new shoe!

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