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!! OMG, Buttered Baked Potato: Diplo’s ‘Butter’s Theme’ & ‘POTATO WILL EAT YOU’ Promo !!

Kind of like The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army video but in dawn&dusk pastel tones and with balaclava booty clapping instead of Meg White padding on the drums. Look out at 1.19 for one of the Kardashian kousins doing her Thanksgiving dinner party favourite; the golden belly-dance.
This is my new Monday morning meeting look; balaclava with ragedy-ass pony out the top.
Oh and I nearly forgot…here’s a video of a potato singing Diplo’s Express Yourself…hey Nicky da B, put your foil jacket back on girl…you’ll catch a chill!

[via discobelle]

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