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!! OMG, HBOncé: Beyoncé ‘Life Is But A Dream’ documentary !!

Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare?! You can watch HERE HER.
Beyoncé’s HBO documentary aired a couple of days back, with mixed reviews; with one hater stating “I can’t even lie, this Beyoncé doc is low key boring”, whilst another fan claiming it was “the most realist and most beautiful thing I ever saw a artist reveal about themselves”
…O.K, I didn’t know Ivy could type yet.
Personally, I am glad to get to watch a full hour-plus of Beyoncé all in one sitting.
Why all the complaints? Haters get some sleep, Beyoncé die-hards get a whole big choco-latte-chunk of Destiny’s favoured Child; “either way I don’t wanna wake up too soon”.

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