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!! OMG, Herpen I can have one of these dresses: Iris Van Herpen !!

Björk’sflavouritedesignerIris Van Herpen’s Spring/Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collection is an EXOSKELETAL UNDER~OCEANIC DREAM!
With the theme of UNTAPPED HUMAN ENERGY the Dutch designer worked with TESLA Coil ‘Lord of Lightning’ Carlos Van Camp and 3D-print architect Neri Oxman to give bath-birth to these amazing fashion water babies.
Her clothes-children are like a monochromatic paper version of Alexander Mcqueen’s final [attended] collection, showcasing a sea anemone cocktail dress and coral cocoon shrug.
If this is all a bit other-under-worldy for you, Iris is also working on a ready-to-wear collection, with Grimes as her musical muse.

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