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!! OMG, he’s Messing with you: “It’s Debra Messing, You Gays!” !!

OMG, he’s Messing with you: “It’s Debra Messing, You Gays!” [towleroad]
Duchess Kate: you better work! [dlisted]
London Pride may be cancelled [queerty]
Dihanna: Riri is the new Princess Didi ? [celebitchy]
Houba-houba: Assad Hadi Shalhoub by Cesar Di Lupe [ohlala]
TLKeke: Keke Palmer to play Chilli in upcoming TLC biopic [celebcafe]
Harry Hudson’s ‘World Is Gone’ Review [arjan]
Honey Boomboom: Honey Mahogany’s ‘It’s Honey’ [popbytes]
Wiigin out: Kristen Wiig will be on Arrested Development next season [jezebel]
Kate Middleton GIFs [socialitelife]
Kitty mistakes an ear-lobe for a chest-teat [kenneth]
Bowie’s new single set to drop next week [evilbeet]
Gay Trivia quizz: ‘How well do you know Victor Garber?’ [afterelton]
Swim Kardashian: Kim by Bruce Weber [amygrindhouse]
Gay man stands up for himself against homophobic subway preacher [joemygod]
Red Snotty Nose Day: One Direction in the baby ward :'( [tabloidprodigy via HYH]
Skiink! Paris Hilton posed for pictures whilst her boyfriend froze & bled out behind her [theblemish]
Wife Carrying…and other weird sports [doubleviking]

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