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!! OMG, “I phoned a phone”: Anne Hathaway selling landlines !!

OMG, “I phoned a phone”: Anne Hathaway selling landlines [jezebel]
Harry Styles got hit in the gine with shoe [dlisted]
Shameless actor comes out as straight [towleroad]
Fire Island Bans Nude Sunbathing [queerty]
Kim & Kanye Kover for L’Official Hommes [celebitchy]
The model boys of NYFW by Matthew Lyn [ohlala]
The Onion apologises for calling 9-year-old Quvenzhane a c_nt [celebcafe]
The Arctic Wife’s ‘Conctancia’ [arjan]
50 Shades of Gay [the book] [popbytes]
10 Reasons why Titanic 2 is a bad idea [socialitelife]
Testy: Man sues hospital after wrong testicle is removed [kenneth]
Bobby Brown going down: Bobby’s jailbait [evilbeet]
Kevin Alejandro interview [afterelton]
Mama Dar-Kash-ian wants to make money out of Kanye [amygrindhouse]
Bless you! Pope uses final tweet to give the side-eye to all-o’-yall sinners [jomygod]
Fisher-priceless: Nick Lachey and son Camden [tabloidprodigy]

Mr & Mrs Smith:
Willow and Jaden are filming a new video together [theblemish]
Taekwondo hand fighter [doubleviking]

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