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!! OMG, Jessica Chest-stain: ‘Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition’ Part 2 !!

OMG, Jessica Chest-stain: ‘Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition’ part 2 [theblemish]
James Franco can deep throat like 8 inches [dlisted]
‘Desperate Housewives’ twins are all grown up [towleroad]
Confession: Sinead O’Connor on the Pope’s resignation [queerty]
Blue Ivy is Beyoncé’s “road dog”: Beyoncé for Vogue [celebitchy]
Put your farm hands all over these fellas: ‘First Time Farmers’ [ohlala]
“All day Galentines Day” 14 Activities singles can do on V-day [celebcafe]
JT interview [arjan]
Jewel shines bright like a Jewel [popbytes]
Best in Show: Banana Joe is top dog [jezebel]
Harlem Shake that prima hedgehog [socialitelife]
Hilhooray!!! Hillary Clinton to run for president [kenneth]
Alicia Keypad: Creative Director for Blackberry is an Iphone user [evilbeet]
We need to talk about Kevin Ezra: Ezra Miller on his “queer power” [afterelton]
Sofia Vergara was supposed to peepee on Zac Efron [amygrindhouse]
Lightning strikes the Vatican [joemygod]
Vivienne Brangelina in Disney’s new Snow White film [tabloidprodigy]
10 real-life cyborgs [doubleviking]

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