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!! OMG, One Way Direction: One Direction’s ‘One Way’ !!

One way or another, we’re gonna find it, we’re listen to this song.
A couple of days ago we got a wee PREVIEW of their ‘Red Nose Day’ Blondie cover. Now we have the full version, but it’s sort of like when you used to press play and record on your tape deck in the middle of Brandy and Mase’ ‘Sittin’ on Top of the World’, every time it came on the radio, it’s not quite the quality you were looking for, but hey, until the real thing comes out this is going to have to quench your cravings.
I’ve been having the shakes and a serious One Direction hangover since the last time I OD’d on ‘OD’, so this just soothes my pounding heart.

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    wer mag one direction so sehr das sie nach denen verr├╝ckt ist

    I ***LOVE*** Blondie – so this O.D.(ous) piece of SHIT makes me cry.

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