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!! OMG, Ryan Lochte is a water baby: oh Nevermind! !!


OMG, Ryan Lochte is a water baby: oh Nevermind! [celebitchy]

Shakira's auctioning off her baby for UNICEF ? [dlisted]

David Beckham's running around in his slippers [towleroad]

West Point Cadet and bf at Freshman Formal [queerty]

Ab-orable: Dominic Lufrano by Mario Moralex [ohlala]

Lisa Loeb's NEW ALBUM [celebcafe]

Is Shaq the fourth secret member of destiny's child? Shaquille singing 'Halo' [popbytes]

15 winter coats that look like VAJ [jezebel]

Pugs in hoods [socialitelife]

For-feited briefs: Mario Lopez streaks [kenneth]

Guerrilla Thriller: 'The East' trailer [evilbeet]

'A-List: New York''s Austin Armacost's pool party pics [afterelton]

Rachel Bilson is an 'unaccompanied minor' [amygrindhouse]

Brendon Ayanbagejo in support of Right For Gays [joemygod]

Paul Rudd suckles on Hellen Mirren's tonsils [theblemish]

ENTERTAINMENT DROUGHT! Ricki Lake [re-]cancelled after only one season [tabloidprodigy]

"Don't drink it, it'll give you the Hershey squirts": door-to-door comedian [doubleviking]

OMG, it's a wooly woof wide: pugs go sledding!
OMG, "Who Do You Think You Wear?": Sporty and Baby dress up as Sporty and Baby
OMG, he's Messing with you: "It's Debra Messing, You Gays!"
OMG, a-Dior-able: Dior Homme's 'Underpass'
OMG, DO NOT ERASE: Bollywood's Priyanka Chopra's circuit banger: 'Erase'

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, February 6, 2013
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Bjork canceled her kickstarter

» posted by nick | February 7, 2013 7:56 AM

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