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!! OMG, What a Tyrade: North Korean Tyra-Hating Propaganda !!

Ok, well erm, I can't claim that I didn't make comment on Tyra's sparkly Vaseline frenzy situation, although whatever I had to say was masked with my giggle-voms at how hilarious the whole debacle seemed; tinted with slight sparkly-lube jealousy at not getting any...but that's the extent of judgements on her, I like her a lot, and love that her show is a portal for more André Leon Talley in my life.

However, almost more insane than all the other western-hating claims that have come from North Korea the last few years, is their vehement repugnance for Miss Banks:

"she now has a talk show where she pretends to be concerned about peoples problems and society in general, even though she has no qualifications to do this...The audience doesn't question this charade but instead it willingly feeds into her need to talk about herself"

I love that this report speaks of the audience as a SINGLE-MINDED DRONE ENTITY, maybe North Korea just needs a big box of Tyra's sparkly "biggest beauty secret eveeeeeer", maybe they too are just a tad jealous that they didn't get it first time around?!

I can relate to that!

[Thanks Alex!]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, February 5, 2013
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Fair enough.

» posted by m | February 7, 2013 10:23 AM

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