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!! OMG, who the shit is that freaky jester on the decks?: Beyoncé announces WORLD TOUR !!

OMG, who the shit is that freaky jester on the decks?: Beyoncé announces world tour [celebcafe]

Bieber's pony pal [dlisted]

Obama on Gay Boy Scouts [towelroad]

Berlin Film Festival's queer flicks [queerty]

"F*cking hood rat": Lady Gaga take on ex PA [celebritybitchy]

Milla Jovovich & Tyson Ballou for Sisley S/S '13 [ohlala]

Khloé [Kar]trashes Kris Humphries [popbytes]

Cat Vs Potato [jezebel]

Bam! Male Model Monday: Arran Sly [socialitelife]

Grey Gardens for Rent [kenneth]

Christina Ricci has been otherwise engaged for months now [evilbeet]

"there are only two ways to spell Unique, and one of them is D-I-V-A": Glee's Divas [afterelfton]

Selena still wants her "Boyfriend boyfriend" [amygrindhouse]

Groundhog Day!: No Shadow For Punxsutawney Phil [joemygod]

Justin Baby has a sore throat so he guzzled some COUGH SYRUP...get high well soon Biebles [tabloid prodigy]

Somebody get her a walker or a wheelchair or a couple of crutches or something: Tanning Mom is all over the place. Again [the blemish]

Deathly Cute: cute but deadly animals [doubleviking]

OMG, Squoink!...olympig gold medal: Tom Daly's pet piglet
OMG, "Everyone has been doing emails": Britney explains 'E-mail My Heart'
OMG, a-Dior-able: Dior Homme's 'Underpass'
OMG, FLOORLESS: TV Show-home floor plans
OMG, "Danza for money": Sherry Vine's 'Tony Danza'

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, February 4, 2013
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