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!! OMG, an apple to play keeps the Teardrops away: J.Views' fruit&veg rendition !!

Erm excuse me J.Views I was totally going to make dinner with that shit, now you've BRUISED MY EGGPLANTS and mushed my carrots on that turntable...What the crap are you doing with my kiwi, I was going to have that for breakfast you turd!?

OMG, at 1.00 when he's TEASING THE ELECTRONODAL BUNCH'O'GRAPES? I'm getting all sorts of hemorrhoid treatment visuals going on...but I do love Massive Attack.

I like the harpsichord strawberries all in a pillowed-row, waiting patiently.

[via booooooom]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, March 5, 2013
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