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!! OMG, BRING BACK MY GIYRLS: ‘Most Popular Girls of ‘Drag Race” !!

OMG, BRING BACK MY GIYRLS: ‘Most Popular Girls of ‘Drag Race” [queerty]
Sauvignon pink-plonk: Brangelina’s pink wine is a sell-out [dlisted]
Hairy Mary’s: ‘Manscaping’ doc trailer [towleroad]
Calm it down Brown: Chris Brown is all in a tizzy over $10 [celebitchy]
Golden Boy Theo James by Aleksandar Tomovic [ohlala]
He’s ‘Feelin’ on your Booty’: Top 10 R’Kelly love songs [celebcafe]
Lincoln Jesser’s ‘In My Dreams’ [arjan]
Joss Whedon to direct ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ [popbytes]
Facts of the Phallus [jezebel]
Lil’ Kim-plaint: Lil’ Kim’s camp refute the fact that her face is distorted [socialitelife]
How much wood would a woody wood would?: kenneth’s morning wood
Nicki Lynaj: Jane Lynch raps ‘Superbass’ [evilbeet]
Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie interview [afterelton]
Selena for Harper’s Bazaar [amygrindhouse]
Beach House’s ‘Wishes’ with Twin Peak’s Ray Wise [joemygod]
Kelly HOSPbourne: Kelly’s hospitalised [tabloidprodigy]
Dita Von 3Ds: Dita in 3-d print dress [theblemish]
The Anatomy of a Hangover [doubleviking]

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