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!! OMG, DIAL-A-QUEEN: Ru’s giyrls pick up the phone for ‘Ring My Bell’ !!

DIAL-A-QUEEN: Ru’s giyrls pick up the phone for ‘Ring My Bell’ [popbytes]
YOU BETTER TWERK!: Twerking at Walmart [dlisted]
Under/inter: Interview with underwear model Philip Fusco [towleroad]
Oh Tranada!: Canadian Parliament passes Transgender Anti-Discrimination Law [queerty]
Christian Bale’s 70s comb-over [celebitchy]
Christian Bale take note, here’s how the 70s look should look: Mariano Vivanco for Elle [ohlala]
Delete delete DELETE!: Top 10 sex tapes you wish didn’t exist [celebcafe]
Amanda Bynes wants Drake to “murder [her] vagina” [jezebel]
10 things Ryan Gosling should do during his acting sabbatical [socialitelife]
Behind the scenes with Blondie [kenneth]
Bow Down: Beyoncé is the new face of H&M [evilbeet]
The 11 hottest men of ‘The Real World’ [afterelton]
Emma Watson’s ‘Natural Beauty’ [amygrindhouse]
“strong evidence of the shape-shifter humanoids working for the powers that be”: Secret Service’s shape-shifters [joemygod]
Yes ma’am: Hilary Clinton’s got the gays: LGBT marriage support speech [tabloidprodigy]
Miley shows Liam where he won’t be putting it no more: Cyrus twerks it out [ish] [theblemish]
Where’s the un-send button?: shemail screw-ups [doubleviking]

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