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!! OMG, did you say Golden Shower?: Prince Innocence's 'Golden Hour' !!


Boyfriend/squirlfriend duo Josh McIntyre and Talvi Faustmann, known collectively as 'Prince Innocence', set aside an hour, once a week, when they watch reruns of The Golden Girls and make GOLD MOH-PEE-TOS or WARM PEEPEE-COCO if it's nearly bed-time!
It's so relaxing and a focal part of their success as a work/play modern-day couple.

Edgar Gonzales on Soundcloud, part-way through the introductory faux-trumpet intro, describes the song as sounding "like tron had gay's great"...sounds about right. Well put Edgar, and so say all of us; it does, and it is great!

'Lapse - EP' drops on April 28th.

[via GvB]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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