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!! OMG, dykes on dicks: What Lesbians Think About Penises !!

OK, first off, shouldn't somebody arrest the lady with the perm who says "I've got three myself, in my drawer"? She's ONE OF THOSE LESBIANS, the type that hates men so much she steals their members and hides them in her bedside table drawer labelled "who rules the world?"!

I couldn't agree more with the be-speckled lesbos who when asked to describe penises in one word settles on "bouyant?!...squishy-stick!"...she's got it!
I'd say that's about right. Ask the plaid-perm lesbian, she'll tell you that her dick-drawer is getting SQUISHIER AND SQUISHIER the longer she leaves them there!

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, March 15, 2013
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