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!! OMG, “Everyone has been doing emails”: Britney explains ‘E-mail My Heart’ !!

OMG, “Everyone has been doing emails”: Britney explains ‘E-mail My Heart’ [jezebel]
Vatican buys gay bath house [dlisted]
Teary testimony at Minnesota Marriage Equality hearing [towleroad]
Erm, you spilled a little something down your front girl: Dragonette’s ‘Run Run Run’ [queerty]
Liam and Miley are OVAH…”officially” [said in the voice of Detox on Drag Race Untucked]! [celebitchy]
Fabio Mancini by Cristian Oliva [ohlala]
Top 10 ‘What Not To Wear’ makeovers [celebcafe]
Make that ‘top 11’…What Not To Wear [at CPAC] [joemygod]
Dirty South’s ‘Speed Of Life’ album review [arjan]
Meeeeeeep! Tom Hardy huggle-snuggling a pit bull puppy [popbytes]
Seal pups surfing…ish [socialitelife]
“Ready or what?”:Fugees’ video director’s daughters are his babies’ mamas :s [kenneth]
Gaga’s gold rims [evilbeet]
TVs best beefcakes [afterelton]
Taylor Swiftly dumps her fanmail in the trash [amygrindhouse]
Kelly Osbourne GOT well soon [tabloidprodigy]
“everybody knows”: Selena dances to ‘Your Boyfriend is a Douche-bag’ [theblemish]
Legendary: ‘Legend of Pandora’ Flash Game! [doubleviking]

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