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!! OMG, knicker-bocker-glory: Ferruccio Laviani's 'Good Vibrations' !!


Designed for the 2013 Furniture Exhibition, Architect Ferruccio Laviani designed this cabinet that has been CNC-cut to appear as a 3D object dragged through a photocopier or run through a VHS camcorder.
I would love to have a small chest-of-drawers like this, all squiggly and such, I just wouldn't put my knickers in there for fear they'd come out all mangled and creased like that...ain't nothing worse than a POKEY PAIR OF PANTIES [#_white_girl_problems]!
Here's what the designer said about his chopped-n-screwed extravaganza eleganza:

"Good Vibrations...blends the harmony and magniloquence of the classical with the charm and allure of the contemporary [Ferruccio Laviani] questions the traditional tenets of design and furniture."

[via dezeen]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, March 22, 2013
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