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!! OMG, "He's still standing, yeah yeah yeah!" Happy Birthday Elton John !!

15 elton-john-08.jpg

"He's still standing". Happy Birthday Elton John: Elton's most underrated moments, by AfterElton

Neil Patrick Harris & Sandra Bullock got gunk-slunked [dlisted]

Man jailed for only 3 years for incinerating gay autistic epileptic teen at his 18th birthday party [towleroad]

Port-transia: Portland school designates gender-neutral bathrooms [queerty]

More pictures of Tom Hardy and his pit bull puppy ! [celebitchy]

Office eye-candy: Paddy Mitchel for GQ [ohlala]

"My lovely lady lumps...check it out!"Fergie and Josh show off matching baby bumps [celebcafe]

Lately fashionable: Rihanna in Givenchy [popbytes]

Say you wont be there!: Spice Girls looking to replace VB?! [jezebel]

Bestial: Baby/dog make-out session [socialitelife]

Bag Raiders' 'Shooting Stars' [kenneth]

We Need To Talk About Tilda: Tilda's back in her box for re-mount of 'The Maybe' [evilbeet]

Kim Kardashian's 'Hell Raiser' relaxation regime [amygrindhouse]

SACRE BLEU!: French police used tear gas against families with children [joemygod]

Bobby Brown only went to jail for a hot minute [tabloidprodigy]

Vanessa Hudgens' '$$$ex' [theblemish]

'[bad] Habits Of [straight] Men' [doubleviking]

OMG, a-Dior-able: Dior Homme's 'Underpass'
OMG, Who wore it better?: Mrs Doubtfire Vs Kim Kardashian
OMG, 'Professional, Affordable': hair curling tutorial gone so wrong
OMG, need badvice?...ask Rob Ford, I mean Prophecia the NSFW crack-head
OMG, DO NOT ERASE: Bollywood's Priyanka Chopra's circuit banger: 'Erase'

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, March 25, 2013
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